Understanding the Zoning Code

In this section, we’ll examine various zoning elements and how they can affect your neighborhood during the zoning process. Understanding the Zoning Code is critical when you are researching topics for your meetings.

  • Learn about Development of Regional ImpactA Development of Regional Impact Review (DRI) is typically a development that is likely to produce an impact outside of the DeKalb County government's jurisdiction. A DRI review, which is assembled ... studies and an Area Plan ReviewThe primary purpose of Area Plan Review (APR) is to identify conflicts between proposed development projects and future transportation projects identified in the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). Th...
  • Look at transitional height planesA geometric plane that establishes the maximum permitted height of a building in a district that allows a greater density than that of an adjoining lower-density residential district. The transitional... in-depth
  • Find out the different types of buffersA portion of a lot set aside for open space and/or visual screening purposes. Buffers help separate different use districts, or to separate one property from another property. Traditional buffer... and how they can affect development
  • Take a closer look at tree surveys and what are considered specimen treesAny tree that has been individually designated by the county arborist to be notable by virtue of its outstanding size and quality for its particular species. Specimen trees are defined as any tre...
  • Learn the difference between a retention pondA retention pond is designed to hold a specific amount of water indefinitely. Usually the pond is designed to have drainage leading to another location when the water level gets above the pond capacit... and detention pondA low lying area that is designed to temporarily hold a set amount of water while slowly draining to another location, or back to the water table. A water detention pond, by definition, detains water...
  • Find out how public and private roadways can affect a development
  • Understanding road diets and how they can improve a region

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While we work on improving this section, take a look at our Zoning Glossary to learn about commonly used terms and elements of zoning.

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