Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Review

A Development of Regional Impact Review (DRI) is typically a development that is likely to produce an impact outside of the DeKalb County government’s jurisdiction. A DRI review, which is assembled by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), is intended to improve communication and coordination between government entities and other agencies on large-scale and certain types of developments, and to provide a means of identifying and assessing potential impacts before conflicts relating to them arise.

Dekalb County must submit information on potential DRIs to the ARC for review and comment. With input from neighboring local governments and other potentially affected agencies (Such as MARTA, Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), Peachtree-DeKalb Airport, etc.), the ARC produces a report detailing all comments and recommendations for intergovernmental or interagency coordination. After the review is completed, DeKalb County retains its authority to make the final decision on whether or not to approve the development.

Unlike an Area Plan Review (APR), a DRI review is a comprehensive process that evaluates the proposed project’s consistency with regional plans and policies, as well as potential impacts on transportation infrastructure, natural environment, water, sewer, solid waste, public facilities, surrounding land uses, local and regional economy, housing, employment, and regionally important resources.

Read more about Development of Regional Impact Reviews on the Atlanta Regional Commission website.

View an example DRI review on the ARC’s website here [PDF].